This is not only the case of betting. You go for any game and you are the perfect in each aspect; the most important thing which a player searches for is the luck. But in the case of pokies you should be very fortune one for winning. I am very fond of these all; I was searching for a game which should be somehow funny by its name only. I went for that and found the Lucky Eggsplorer the funniest one. This can be found on any site of pokies.

This is featured with five reels and thirty lines of pay with very weird theme. Talking about the theme, it is very strange one than any other whichever I am known about. It is the life of the chickens that are in the adventurous tour in search of fame and for fortune. The interface is the combination of two rolled theme one is of the life of chickens and the other one is of the pirates who are symbolized in that fashion. It has many wild symbols of the icons of the cards image such as nine, ten, jack, king, queen and ace scattered all over which you can use for winning by making the perfect combination in the active slots.

Range of making the bet is not of so high amount that only the highest payer can go through. The range of betting starts from $0.01 to $0.25 which gives the opportunity for the mass to bet here and the credit of making the gambling per line ranges from one to ten which mean that a user can go for waging of maximum of 300 coins. The wild symbol of this one is the icon of a chicken which is being dressed himself in the form as if he is the captain of the sailing boat. Every winning of the jackpot gives you the opportunity of getting the multipliers of either 2x or 4x depending upon the version which you are trying for.